Your charming, feel-good ISIS story of the day.

Personally, I think that Somebody may have been showing off.

A SAS sniper has beheaded an ISIS executioner with a single shot while the militant was teaching jihadis how to decapitate prisoners, it has been reported.

Some 20 Islamic fighters were taking part in the executioner’s outdoor lesson when he was killed by the elite British soldier – hiding 4,000ft away and using specially-designed ‘wounding’ bullets.

A witness said the entire group of student jihadis then fled, deserting their cause after the ill fated training session at a small village in northern Syria.

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Strictly speaking, *Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton* created Daesh.

John Kerry is merely the patsy that was left holding the bag when it all went to pieces.

Just to be clear about this.

Tweet of the Day, Let’s You And Him Fight, With Flamethrowers edition.

Flamethrowers, at ten feet, in a room with a six inch gasoline puddle*:

That’d be spiffy, really.

Moe Lane

*Not original to me, but I forget who said it first.

Politico suggests Barack Obama take a little responsibility for ISIS!

Yes, I’m as shocked as you are: “Coming just a day after President Barack Obama’s comment that the Islamic State had been “contained,” the terrorist attacks in Paris have cast doubt on the administration’s strategy and efforts to show gains against the jihadist group, which claimed credit for the carnage.” As a buddy of mine, usually Politico couches criticism of the President in terms of something “leading Republicans to cast doubt on Obama’s strategy.”  Having Politico admit that, yeah, this is a legitimate policy of the President’s that he needs to address now is a pretty big deal.

Mind you, Politico goes on to complain about the Republicans, and to suggest that we’re complaining for the sake of complaining. But that’s in the latter part of the article. The part that everybody reads was all about what Barack Obama needs to make an answer for. I’d be amazed, if I wasn’t aware that the man isn’t running for President again.

Why the Obama administration can’t admit that we’re at war in Iraq and Syria.

So, last week we and the Kurds and the Iraqis – or the Kurds and the Iraqis and us – went and did a hostage rescue mission in Islamic State (IS) territory.  It was, by all accounts, a highly successful mission: hostages were freed, the base the hostages were in was then obliterated by the US Air Force, and ‘we*’ lost only one man to combat (Master Sgt. Joshua Wheeler). As combat raids in a war zone go, this one ended very well.

Assuming, of course, you’re allowed to call it ‘combat,’ and you’re allowed to call it a ‘war.’ Which is to say: you’re not a member of the Obama administration. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, courtesy of Andrew Malcolm: Continue reading Why the Obama administration can’t admit that we’re at war in Iraq and Syria.

Guardian shocked to discover that people are scared of ISIS.

I don’t know what’s more shocking: that this happened in England, or that the Guardian is upset and appalled about it.

Visitors to a London exhibition celebrating freedom of expression this week found plenty of familiar taboo-busting work, from Jamie McCartney’s The Great Wall of Vagina, an eight-foot long cast featuring the genitals of 400 women, toKubra Khademi’s video of an eight-minute walk she made through Kabul in Afganistan, dressed in lushly contoured body armour. But they will have looked in vain for one work detailed in the catalogue by an artist known only as Mimsy.

Isis Threaten Sylvania is a series of seven satirical light box tableaux featuring the children’s toys Sylvanian Families. It was removed from the Passion for Freedomexhibition at the Mall galleries after police raised concerns about the “potentially inflammatory content” of the work, informing the organisers that, if they went ahead with their plans to display it, they would have to pay £36,000 for security for the six-day show.

After all, ISIS exists largely because the antiwar movement – which the Guardian enthusiastically supported – somehow managed to convince Barack Obama that it is a smart thing to go back lose a war after you’ve already won it.  The fallout from that galloping disaster on roller skates is still playing out in real-time, but so far it looks like it’s not going to end up being good for anybody concerned.  So it would have been nice if the Guardian had ended this piece with a terse Sorry we fornicated the canine on this one, folks

Moe Lane

PS: Given the way that the British so aggressively work to disarm their subjects, I’m not surprised that art gallery owners over there are so skittish. I don’t approve, but I’m not surprised.

New York Times confirms The Daily Beast’s ISIS/intelligence scoop.

BOOM goes the dynamite: “A group of intelligence analysts have provided investigators with documents they say show that senior military officers manipulated the conclusions of reports on the war against the Islamic State, according to several government officials, as lawmakers from both parties voiced growing anger that they may have received a distorted picture about the military campaign’s progress.” Government inspectors specifically looking at CENTCOM (United States Central Command), which of course was the subject of a potentially devastating Daily Beast report from last week that alleged that precisely this was going on. Naturally, the New York Times doesn’t want to admit that the original problem arose largely because this administration hates being told things that it doesn’t like to hear, but at least the Times is taking the situation seriously, right? Continue reading New York Times confirms The Daily Beast’s ISIS/intelligence scoop.