Everything wrong with today’s Democratic party, in one picture.

Somebody in the Democratic party approved this.


Somebody didn’t stop for a moment and go, Gee, fellows: maybe we shouldn’t send out something like “We can’t let guys like this win” about a domestic opponent on the very day that one of our country’s actual enemies sent us a decapitation video, coupled with a promise of more to come unless Barack Obama bows his neck to ISIS.  Maybe we should have waited a bit – even if we did really, really want to defend a drunk district attorney that defecated all over the dignity of her office. Maybe this isn’t a time for business as usual, even by our new rules.

But nobody did.  And the fascinating – and alarming – part?  Judging from the Lefty Twitter responses here, far too many of the President’s supporters don’t even grasp how far into dark waters they’re in right now.  Seriously, you would think that it would be obvious why a political party would not want to look like it doesn’t know who our country’s true enemies are, but apparently not…

Moe Lane (crosspost)

11 thoughts on “Everything wrong with today’s Democratic party, in one picture.”

  1. Buck ’em: they want to commit political suicide, fine. They don’t really have a bench anyway.

  2. But Moe, Democrats think we are the bigger threat. ISIS is on the other side of the world. We conservatives are here now and must be delt with now.
    On a related note: I stopped checking after Monday morning, but not even DailyKOS and Firedoglake front pagers refused to touch Perry indictment story up to that point.

          1. Patrick – back on top of the ‘fridge.
            Gator – BITE YOUR TONGUE!
            Moe – Thank you.

          2. Another assent — Disqus does indeed suck. It sucks with the raging suckiness of a thousand septic tank cleaners’ pumps. It sucks like the suckiest sucking thing you ever saw sucking.
            It sucks, Big Time.

  3. One small quibble. “We can’t let guys like this win,” in this case, functionally equates to “We need to jail a political opponent of ours for legitimately exercising the constitutional authority that was entrusted to him by voters of his state.” Even if the ISIS video wasn’t released today, this is still not the thing to say. That’s not how America works.
    Well, that’s not how America is SUPPOSED to work, anyway.

    1. “We were stupid enough to nominate ‘abortion barbie’…We smell the DOOM, and we’re gonna cheat and lie to try to avoid it.”

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