We dodged an asteroid, there.

Brother Pejman of RedState emails to inform me that we almost got hit by an asteroid yesterday. TheSydney Morning Herald estimates it at about 120 feet wide, and that it came within 37,000 miles of Earth (I’m translating into real units of measurement), which was more or less the size of the Tunguska* whatever-it-was. If it had hit, that probably would have, if we were very lucky, smacked the life out of a large section of the Australian desert (several hundred square miles, if we’re scaling by Tunguska); if we were lucky, destroyed a random city in the South Pacific; and if we weren’t lucky at all, dropped into the South Pacific and started a tidal wave for which we’d have maybe 24 hours to prepare for.

And the only practical way to stop these things? Orbital missile defense systems.

Sleep tight!

Moe Lane

*Yeah, geeks love Tunguska. Apparently, so do video game designers. Yes, there is significant overlap.

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