The Great CWFP AIG Intimidation Run Round-Up.

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To review:

  • (Via Fausta, Hot Air) A group called “the Connecticut Working Families Party” planned to bus around people to visit AIG offices and their officials’ homes. This has alarmed New York Magazine sufficiently that they find themselves agreeing with Rush Limbaugh about how things are getting out of hand.
  • (Via Sweetness & Light, Instapundit)  It turns out that CWFP is yet another dummy group for ACORN.
  • ACORN was most recently in the news because of yet another call by a Congressman to investigate their role in what the Washington Times calls “in a pattern of crimes ranging from voter fraud to a mob-style ‘protection’ racket.”  What makes this news is that the Congressman in question is the Hon. John Conyers, Jr (D-MI).  His fellow-Democrats are being slightly more hampered in pushing back on this, mostly because they can’t use the standard reply of calling Conyers a racist.
  • (Via Heritage) Lastly, ACORN was second-to-last in the news for being made a “National Partner” in the 2010 Census.  The UK Telegraph succinctly summed this up as “Foxes guarding the chicken coop.”

So, to recap: the supposed ‘grassroots’ group of protesters making a big show of attempting to gin up faux-populist hysteria turns out to be a puppet of an election fraud group so blatant that it alarms partisan Democrats… and said group was one that this administration decided to have knock on your door next year and ask you all sorts of personal information.

Other than all of that, of course, there’s nothing of concern about this story.

Moe Lane

PS: Fortunately in this specific case, the event was/is a bust: they apparently pulled out the hard core and left the idiots to have their paradigm confused in an organic food store.

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