I think that Bill Whittle is being a little apocalyptic, here.

I don’t debate the sentiment: dependency on others is a strongly addictive mental and moral habit, and one that isn’t all that easy to shake. And it does do weird, and not very good things, to your head. So watching people like Joel Berg demand that they be allowed to take from the Rich what’s not being freely offered by them is indeed disturbing. Especially since it’s clear that Berg doesn’t actually recognize the right of a person to have the final say over his or her own labor.  All that being said, I think that we’re not yet at the point where we have to have the Rich leave before the rest of the population gets it through their heads that redistributing the wealth doesn’t actually, you know, work.

Nope.  I think that an election cycle or two where Rich people start voting their class interests will actually do the job nicely.  Let’s see how pumped the Democrats are about taking away people’s money when the funding dries up…

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