OK, two more bits of PPZ news.

Sorry, but these were too good not to mention.

First, I suppose that this was inevitable. “This” being Pride and Predator:

Pride and Predator to give Jane Austen an extreme makeover

The new film from Elton John’s Rocket Pictures will have the seven-foot extraterrestrial give the characters from Pride and Prejudice something more immediate to worry about than making advantageous marriages

…which is actually interesting, because of that scene from Predator 2 where Danny Glover’s character is given a black powder revolver as a sign of respect by the head Predator.


We will pretend that I did not just write that, OK?

Anyway, moving on: fresh from the success of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies the author has a new project going. Its title? “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.” Don’t laugh: Seth Grahame-Smith is getting half a million to write the blessed thing. The Cinematical author in the previous link is appalled, but I personally think that it’s long past since time that my target reader demographic got pandered to a little…

Moe Lane

PS: Some ‘suggested’ examples from the Cinematical link:

  • William Shakespeare: Necromancer? Sounds like fun; you could go all Prospero, or maybe A Midsummer Tempest. Get Neil Gaiman to write it. Hell, he’s probably writing it now.
  • William Wallace Versus the Werewolves? “I’m seeing it as Braveheart meets Wolfen! Blue fur and claymores! The kids will love the action figures!” Plus: “FREEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”
  • The Tudors as Voodoo Priests? No, no, no. Voodoo pirate priests. Tim Powers went to town on this with On Stranger Tides; and believe me, by about Wife #3 it’s not entirely unbelievable that Henry VIII might have been ready to try… unconventional… methods for acquiring an heir.

So I’m missing what the problem is, here.

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