Zombie Haiku? Why would I be interested in Zombie Haiku?

For some reason, people keep sending me links to things like this: Zombie Haiku: Good Poetry For Your…Brains.  I really wish I knew why they did that… hold on, let me just get this down:

Strange fruit floats downstream
As sirens die in Gray dawn –
The tide lurches in.

…anyway, it’s weird, and I’m not sure why anybody would have this impression of me – gimme a second, here:

The naginata:
Not so clumsy as shotgun –
Plus, decapitates.

…because, as all men know, I am really a highly prosaic sort of individual…

Ninja or kung fu?
PPZ’s* class struggle.
Austen would have laughed.

OK, OK, fine.

Moe Lane

*I have gotten my mother to read that book.

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