I can’t actually answer FrankJ’s question…

…(“Did We Elect Borat President?“) as I’ve never actually watched Borat.

Because it looked stupid, that’s why. And not Death Race 2000 stupid, either.  I begrudge spending money on watching something stupid.

Moe Lane

But hey, if you want me to correct my error by having me rent it, or something…

To use Ace’s line, you see what I did, just now?  That’s some quality shilling for money right there.  Old-school, even.

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  • Finrod says:

    I like Death Race 2000. It’s good campy fun, and how can you not like a movie with Sylvester Stallone before be became Rocky? (Machine Gun Joe Viterbo: loved by thousands, hated by millions!)

    Heck, in terms of modern violent movies, I imagine if it was rated today, it might only get a PG-13. And, it spawned one of the first video games to ever be banned!

  • To be fair, you are not missing much. Just Cohen acting like an American-basing, bile-filled, Euro-liberal, trying to catch Americans with “gotcha”. Oh, and gratuitous full-frontal male nudity.

    If you are wanting to waste your money to rent it, I suggest setting some additional money aside for an eye-removal afterwards. You may not need it, but (if you are like me) you will certainly want it.

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