*Second* flyby photo shoot now being ‘reconsidered.’

[UPDATE] And welcome, Instapundit readers. Did you know that bacon sandwiches cure hangovers?

(Updates with sources saying White House plans for a second photo shoot in Washington, D.C. being reconsidered)

Italics mine.

Background here; video here.

And to answer Glenn Reynolds: You think that they were actually thinking?

How droll.

Moe Lane

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13 thoughts on “*Second* flyby photo shoot now being ‘reconsidered.’”

  1. Re: Second Photoshoot.

    I suggest a flyby near the Pentagon for that special touch.

  2. Um, wouldn’t it be a lot cheaper and less panic-inducing to send a photographer up in a helicopter to take the background pics, then photoshop in the airplanes?

  3. What a bunch of numbnuts. Its obvious that in their little world everything is peachy king. What an exclamation point on the first 100 days- Scare the #$&! out of New York.

  4. The truly frightening thing to me is that this decision couldn’t have been made by one person. There must have been a long line of approving nods on this. Which means that no one had enough sense to suggest that this might be a bad idea. Yes, we’re in the very best of hands.

  5. Just more proof that not only does Obama no longer cares about 9/11 (if he ever did), he believes that no one else does either.

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