Heedlessness Watch: White House Tweeter feed broken.

In the grand scheme of things, I suppose that this isn’t much of a much. Petty, unthinking, heedless, and completely indifferent to the historical record:

Barack Obama‘s Webheads are getting ready to launch a new Twitter feed for President Change. But the White House already had a Twitter account. It has disappeared down the memory hole.

Given the widespread belief that Obama invented the Internet, many will scoff at the idea that the Bush White House had a Twitter account. But it did — and the administration handed over twitter.com/thewhitehouse at noon on Inauguration Day, just like it did with the whitehouse.gov website. Google still has the old account, with Obama’s tweets, in its cache [ed. – In fact, as Mere Rhetoric notes, the actual material’s gone].

…but not the worst thing that this administration has managed to do so far.  Still, a little annoying:  I got used to having the grown-ups be in charge of running the country.

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