Musk buys Twitter.

I am not exactly of two minds on this; it’s more like I had two mildly divergent impulses in my response. First one:

.aannnnd here’s the other.

I know, I know. I just couldn’t resist. I’m only flesh and blood!

Do you hate Trending Topics on Twitter? Click this link!

More specifically, click this link: Tweak New Twitter. It’s amazing, how much jackwagonry that particular Chrome add-on nukes. And people don’t seem to know about it, so what the heck.

Moe Lane

PS: I’m still on Twitter for the same reason I still put stuff on Facebook, use my old LinkedIn profile, and am trying to suss out how Pinterest works: I don’t have an advertising budget. Bricks without straw, my droogies. Bricks without straw.

More details on that massive Blue-check Twitter hack.

Note that I am not putting a link to this Vice article in Twitter itself, as the company is being pretty damned prickly about how allegedly the bitcoin hack happened because of somebody on the inside participating. Which just adds a certain something to this entire Carnival of Bad Decision-Making, doesn’t it?

I don’t blame Twitter for pulling the plug on the blue-checks, mind you*. The kill switch is there for a reason. But, for everybody else (and for the love of God):

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Quote of the Day, Sing It, Brother edition.

T. Crown, on his recent enforced absence from Twitter:

I’ve also relearned a lesson in humility, as my absence apparently hasn’t even been noticed, let alone protested. I like to quote The graveyards are full of indispensable men to myself with some frequency, and this is a poignant reminder that I wouldn’t even make those rows.

…I am familiar with this phenomenon.

Wow. Today was BORING.

The most interesting thing that happened today, from my point of view? Twitter decided to go all harvest blood ritual on accounts that steal other people’s Tweets.  I mean, don’t get me wrong: that’s the kind of rectification of bitter ash that makes me get out the popcorn, but half of you folks kind of loathe Twitter on general principles and you’re probably right to do so.  Also, it’s kind of inside-baseball.

On the bright side, I kind of like ‘rectification of bitter ash.’ Has a sort of Halloween-like sound to it. Old-school Halloween, when you didn’t want to open the door when something started knocking on it. I should use it in something.

And Twitter no longer treats my site as spam. Thank you!

I do not know, specifically, what caused them to reverse it. Then again, I don’t know what caused Twitter to mislabel my site as spam in the first place, although I was certainly ready to hazard a guess. But it has been resolved, to my satisfaction; so let us speak no more of this matter.

No, really. One of the dumbest things that people do on the Internet is not leaving well enough alone when they’ve won something. Problem discovered, problem solved, now it’s time for a respectful ‘thank you’ and a brisk disengagement from the fray.