Twitter to *not* become X.

Remember when Zuckerberg told everybody Facebook was now Meta? Yeah, it’s gonna be like that.

Cue the usual pronouncements of doom and/or glory*. Personally, I think this is going to have no effect whatsoever. Nobody really understands how social media works, honestly. Least of all the people who act like they do…

Moe Lane

*’And’ in this case because there are people who think Musk is deliberately crashing Twitter into a cliff, and they are there for it. I have a certain sympathy for the idea, but we don’t live in a tidy universe.

One thought on “Twitter to *not* become X.”

  1. I sense trolling.
    We are talking about the guy who made the puppy from Dogecoin the official mascot of Twitter. (For a couple of days.)

    Names have power and persistence.
    People still call it Facebook. People still call it the Sears Tower. People still call it Candlestick Park. People still call it the Winston Cup. etc.

    Elon understands this, just look at the companies he’s built for evidence.

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