Return of the Crocs?

His plans for Crocs — though almost more terrifying and real a threat than the swine flu — sound logical enough to work.




Crocs Determined to Survive the Downturn

Crocs have been on a downward spiral for months now. Fashion people have rejoiced at the thought of Crocs — the bubonic plague of footwear — succumbing to the economy and dying out altogether in the foreseeable future. Earlier this month, the company reported a loss of $22.4 million in the first quarter (last year they only lost $4.5 million in that period). The outlook seemed dismal for Crocs yet bright for feet everywhere! But like so many unattractive fashion trends (high-wasted tapered pants, Arden Wohl headbands, leg warmers, scrunchies … ), Crocs are poised to survive, quite possibly flourish. In March they brought on John Duerden as president and CEO. Charged with turning the company around, he’s painfully optimistic.

I’ll be honest: I’m posting this because of the ‘the bubonic plague of footwear’ crack; a line like that deserves as wide a circulation as it can get.  Justifiable, right?  So why am I linking to this?

Oh, that’s just sheer sadism.

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