In the Mail: The Dagon Collection.

Specifically: The Dagon Collection: An Auction Catalogue of Items Recovered in the Federal Raid on Innsmouth, Mass. You can think of this as a companion piece to The Starry Wisdom Library: The Catalogue of the Greatest Occult Book Auction of All Time, which is I feel a truly indispensible book to have on hand whenever you’re running a Cthulhu Mythos campaign and need to actually describe one of these Books That Man Was Not Meant To Know. I can’t wait to dive into this book, which I ordered all the way from England. In fact, I think that it’s calling to me right now…


Tweet of the Day, There Is Something …Pure… In This Action edition.

It is wrong, and yet it is also right. It transcends the petty limitations of mere human morality. You try to grab at it, fix it in one place, and yet it always slips away from you. It should not be — and yet, is it truly so awful? Can you not see how beautiful it is, in its way?

No! Look! You must see it, so that you can understand!!! The time demands that you not avert your eyes!!!!! I WILL OPEN YOUR INNER EYE SO THAT YOU CAN SEE —

:somebody knocks down door:

Via @DavidVStewart.

Check out @kennethhite’s proposed online course on H.P. Lovecraft!

I signed up for this: hopefully it’ll get enough interest to actually run.

Got my @HPLHS Eldritch Elf from @MariahLStudios!

It’s very cool. An Elder Thing from Mountains of Madness, and a burned-wood Solstice ornament that goes up on the tree (once I get around to putting the tree up). You can find more of Mariah’s stuff at Check her out!

Moe Lane

PS: I will admit: all I did was get my Eldritch Elf a set of four tentacle pint glasses from the HPLHS Store. I mean, I don’t regret doing it: something like that is firmly in the ‘I want some, but I’m never gonna buy them for myself,’ category, and that’s a solid gift-giving category. But it ain’t original art.

In the Mail: Alan Moore’s PROVIDENCE.

Legendary. The first edition: almost impossible to find, even in digital form. By all accounts, keep out of the reach of children.

You can pick up the softcover Alan Moore / Jacen Burrows PROVIDENCE now, obviously. And they straightened out the digital option. But this is from the Indegogo and I don’t know how much the hardcover version is really worth. I suspect it’s going to be ‘a lot.’ Oh, well, I’m sure my kids will be happy to sell it for a tidy sum, after I’m gone. After they read it, and cringe: one last mortification for them, from beyond the grave…


BEYOND THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS has arrived! I’ve wanted this supplement for a while, now. Just… not enough to spend hundreds of dollars on it, mind you.