In the Mail: Alan Moore’s PROVIDENCE.

Legendary. The first edition: almost impossible to find, even in digital form. By all accounts, keep out of the reach of children.

You can pick up the softcover Alan Moore / Jacen Burrows PROVIDENCE now, obviously. And they straightened out the digital option. But this is from the Indegogo and I don’t know how much the hardcover version is really worth. I suspect it’s going to be ‘a lot.’ Oh, well, I’m sure my kids will be happy to sell it for a tidy sum, after I’m gone. After they read it, and cringe: one last mortification for them, from beyond the grave…


BEYOND THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS has arrived! I’ve wanted this supplement for a while, now. Just… not enough to spend hundreds of dollars on it, mind you.

The Delta Green Bundle of Holding.

This Delta Green Bundle of Holding is for the new edition, which is gorgeous.  It’s a government conspiracy Cthulhu Mythos RPG — although anybody reading this site surely knows this by now, given how I talk about it all the time — and I can personally say that every item in the Bundle of Holding is worth the attention. So get it now, while the threshold price is under thirty bucks.

So, “Quiet & Bold” (supernatural-comedy radio program) dropped today.

First episode available here, or below:

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Also in the mail: Miskatonic University Monograph: Codex Beltrán-Escavy.

The full title is Archaeological Interpretations of Myth Patterns in the Iconography of the Codex Beltran-Escavy (Miskatonic University Press), and at ten bucks it is one of the best Call of Cthulhu RPG props I’ve ever seen that isn’t actually explicitly a Call of Cthulhu RPG prop.  The conceit is that the pamphlet is a scholarly monograph describing and analyzing a pre-Columban Codex depicting a hitherto unknown deity; while the scholars themselves are apparently blissfully ignorant of what is actually being portrayed in the pictographs, any halfway competent Mythos scholar (and/or person who plays Cthulhu Mythos games) will instantly catch on to the Codex’s true meaning.  You can easily craft several adventures around this monograph, with it as the central prop.

The artwork is also very nice. There are color drawings and a fold-out centerpiece.  The HPLHS really worked on this one.