Best wishes for Ken Hite’s recovery (he should be fine).

Ken tells the story better than I would…

…although, I have to admit, now that it’s over and he’s not in any danger: it’s all pretty damn metal. Still, keep him in your prayers for a quick recovery.


Purchased by accident, honestly: I forgot it was in the cart. I already had GURPS HORROR: THE MADNESS DOSSIER in digital form, and while I wanted a print copy… well, my family’s weekly grocery bill has gone up by thirty to fifty percent in the last year. One has to be mindful.

Still, it’s a fun concept for a horror game, full of ancient Sumerian gods, brain hacking, and secret conspiracies to keep reality itself from being rewritten. I definitely can recommend it as a sourcebook. Then again, I could have just said, ‘written by Ken Hite,’ and that would have been sufficient.


H/T: GeekTyrant. The print version of VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE SECOND INQUISITION isn’t available yet, but Modiphius has released the PDF for it. And third-party vendors too, I guess: at least, I ordered mine through Renegade Game Studios and I’ve downloaded and am reading the PDF right now.

I’ve wanted this one for a while. SECOND INQUISITION is not for playing vampire-hunters in the World of Darkness; if you want that, go play NIGHT’S BLACK AGENTS*. Which you should do anyway, because it’s a cool game. And as I’m sure Ken Hite would readily tell you, too.

Moe Lane

*Well, that turned out to be an expensive link for me. #commissionearned

Book of the Week: Vampire: The Masquerade: Fall of London.

I picked up Vampire: The Masquerade: Fall of London this week, and now I want to run it. The only question is: do I want to run it in VtM — or in Night’s Black Agents, and have the PCs play the vampire hunters of Operation Antigen? Because it’d port over beautifully to NBA.

Go figure.

Oh, by the way: V:tM won two Origins awards last week.

I didn’t realize it at the time — for some reason, I missed all the Origins awards stuff this year — but I found out about it when Ken Hite put up the speech that he would have made, if only he hadn’t been having a steak dinner offsite at the time. Or thought that he was going to win. I have a copy of Vampire: the Masquerade 5e myself, and: it is gorgeous, in every sense of the term. The art and the setting both. The triple book slipcase set is rather dear, of course — which is why I pre-ordered it; that price was never going to go down.

By all means, check it out: and congratulations to Ken and the rest of the team. The award’s very deserved.

Tweet of the Day, This Is Pure Hitean-Lovecraftian Awesomeness edition.

I absolutely gotta watch this.

The signup for the notification of the preorder of Vampire: The Masquerade 5th edition.

You can sign up here.  Pre-orders of the Fifth Edition of Vampire: The Masquerade start Saturday April 28th; those books will ship in August.  I have signed up to be notified of the reminder to pre-order, with absolute good will on my part: Ken Hite is the Lead Designer for that product, so let me just go get my credit card out.  It’s much simpler that way, really.

Moe Lane

PS: No, no Kickstarter.  Apparently they don’t need the funding. Or the built-in early order infrastructure.

Tour de Lovecraft Volume 2 getting Kickstarted next month.

Volume 1 of Tour de Lovecraft is useful and insightful*.  The news that a second volume will be Kickstartered next month is welcome news. Ken Hite:

Particularly since I don’t think that I’ve actually read Ken’s Lost in Lovecraft’s stuff. Always nice to hear that there’s new material to read on the horizon, hey?

Moe Lane

*Although six hundred dollar for a print copy sounds absurd.  So absurd, in fact, that I’m not going to try to flog my own copy for that kind of money. I mean, geez, it’s ten bucks on the Kindle.

@kennethhite will be Lead Designer for the new Vampire: the Masquerade.

Alternate title: Everything’s gonna be OK, folks.  Ken Hite would have had the authorial and editorial chops to do this even before Night’s Black Agents came out; and getting that one out and acclaimed makes him the best choice.  And I am kind of pleased to see that it’s going to be Vampire: the Masquerade again. I had no real objections to Vampire: the Requiem, but it never caught fire with me. Continue reading @kennethhite will be Lead Designer for the new Vampire: the Masquerade.