The Emperor in Yellow: some thoughts on a potential new RPG campaign world.

For the next Patreon offering. This would be explicitly Cthulhu Mythos, with a HEAVY reliance on The King in Yellow. Thoughts?

Idea: Emperor Norton I did die on January 8, 1880 — and his body was taken over by the King in Yellow, which then used Norton’s miraculous ‘recovery’ to insidiously spread through California.  Now it’s 1911, and San Francisco mayor Winthrop is about to run for President, on the strength of his leadership during the horrible statewide earthquake of 1906. And Norton’s husk is finally about to die.

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So, this Robert W Chambers Painting may be real?

OK, Robert W Chambers was… hrm, how to put it? OK. Imagine that Danielle Steel had started out her career writing horror fiction that was dramatically different* than what she’s known for now, and that’s pretty much Chambers in a nutshell. Dude wrote a bunch of short stories that we still read and draw from: he was also a trained painter before he took up writing. And he apparently painted the picture below:

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Hey, Pelgrane’s doing a playtest for The King In Yellow: Aftermath.

That’s the King In Yellow (reality-decaying horror) setting where a Carcosa-infected dictatorship has been overthrown, and the PCs are all playing former revolutionaries in that world.  Anyway: is anybody interested in doing an online playtest? If I can get three or four people to sign up, I’ll email Pelgrane and try to get in on it.  It’ll be like the Fall of Delta Green playtest we did: we’ll do it all as a Google Hangout and whatnot.

Lemme know in comments if you’re interested.

This ‘The Mysterious Package Company’ thing looks intriguing.

The Mysterious Package Company crafts… well, it’s right there on the label. Multimedia High Weirdness By Mail, to quote the Church of the Sub-Genius; eldritch and hand-crafted and apparently just a little sumptuous.  I’d be getting The King in Yellow one right now if I had somebody to send it to.  Or if I could afford it; this is not a ‘casual weirdness’ link. This is a ‘what you get that impossible to buy-for person for his/her birthday/Christmas’ link.



Wait. Surely SOMEBODY has redone Dorian Gray using The King In Yellow.

As in, a redoing of the novel where the mysterious ‘yellow book’ was in fact The King In Yellow.  I mean, sure, you’re swallowing your own tail there (Robert Chambers was probably himself referencing The Picture of Dorian Gray, at least in part), but still.  You’d think that somebody would have written this up for Call of Cthulhu.

Man, I may have to. Although it’s been a while since I read the book, admittedly. Hmm…