The HPL Historical Society has announced its next Dark Adventure Radio Theater: THE TEMPLE OF JUPITER AMMON. “Celebrated treasure hunter Count Byron Khun de Prorok leads an expedition into the Libyan Desert in an attempt to find the lost tomb of Alexander the Great at the Temple of Jupiter Ammon. Can the Count succeed where countless others have failed, and recover one of history’s greatest archeological finds? Or are some secrets buried with good reason, and those who seek them doomed to be met with madness and disaster? For this episode, the Dark Adventure team has taken a real historical expedition from the 1920s and pumped it full of horror, action, and thrills worthy of a dark adventure.” They have, alas, more or less run out of HP Lovecraft stories to do at this point, but that’s all right. There’s plenty of weird tales out there.


Behold! The ARKHAM INVESTIGATOR’S WALLET PROP SET, complete with adventure for using said wallet. The impressive thing about this? There’s tons of stuff in it that is not used in the provided adventure. You can customize this item for your own scenarios (they have a website where you can download printable PDFs of many of the blank items). Very nifty, and going to be my next con game.

It hardly needs to be said that the production values and attention to detail are up to the HPL Historical society’s usual high standards, but I’ll say it anyway.

The @HPLHS makes the DART for THE LURKING FEAR available for HPL’s birthday.

I already have this, but if you’re curious as to how the DARK ADVENTURE RADIO THEATER recordings go, this is a good time to try one out:


So, the ARKHAM INVESTIGATOR’S WALLET PROP SET was a little rich for my blood. Even if it did come with a printed Call of Cthulhu adventure that used the wallet (and was suitable for convention games). But then I realized that I had a ridiculous amount of store credit with the HPL Historical Society: as in, suddenly this was half off. So…

If you pre-ordered the @HPLHS’s THE SHUNNED HOUSE DART, it’s available for download.

The physical version is going to be sent out next week, but you can download THE SHUNNED HOUSE now if you preordered. I don’t think it’s available for actual purchase yet, but it’ll probably be ready soon. I’m listening to it right now; it’s up to the HPLHS’s usual high technical standards.

RPG Supplement of the Week: The Discovery of Fragments of Kitab Al-Azif at Harran (Miskatonic University Press, 1920).

There are many, many fine products that come out of the HPL Historical Society, from their Dark Adventure Radio Theater audio plays to their physical props (I rather badly want their Innsmouth scrimshaw shark-tooth). But what I really like are their scholarly monographs. They’re written in an academic but lively style, and as if they were in the actual world of the Mythos.

The latest one — The Discovery of Fragments of Kitab Al-Azif at Harran — is I think of particular interest, as it would take a gamemaster roughly half an hour to construct a full-fledged adventure, based on nothing but what was in the pamphlet. All you’d really need is your favorite monster from the game, and you’re good to go. There’s even an easily-detachable game prop, with a helpful colored map on the other side!