Tweet of the Day, I Am A Lifetime @HPLHS Member Myself edition.

I find membership congenial, and it does on occasion offer discounts on HPL Historical Society products. But I mostly like it for the sheer look of the thing. Besides: who knows? If the Great Old Ones ever do come back, perhaps membership will get me special consideration. Although I’m not whether that’ll mean just getting last, or first…

@HPLHS’s “I can’t personally justify it but it’s worth every penny” CALL OF CTHULHU CLASSIC GAMER PROP SET.

Short version: Chaosium did a Kickstarter last year to reprint some classic Call of Cthulhu RPG supplements from the 1980s. The HPL Historical Society has gone out and done props for all of them: “These props go with the supplements reprinted as part of the Call of Cthulhu Classic set, which includes the original Call of Cthulhu RulebookThe Cthulhu Companion, Fragments of Fear, The Asylum & Other Tales, Trail of Tsathoggua, and Shadows of Yog-Sothoth.

The CoC Classic Gamer Prop Set will set you back a cool hundred bucks, and I don’t have the space for the props in question – but the HPLHS is the gold standard when it comes to game props. They just get it. If you’re a CoC gamer, you’ll get your money’s worth out of this deal.

It’s Eldritch Elf Gift Exchange time again at the @HPLHS!

Eldritch Elf is the HPL Historical Society‘s annual Christmas gift exchange: you sign up, you get randomly assigned somebody to send a gift to, and you get one in exchange. I lucked out last year and got better than I gave, so I guess somebody’s getting the Mayan Replica this year. If only for my own pride’s sake.

Moe Lane

PS: Members only, but that’s easily fixed.

Special Halloween gifts from @HPLHS: audio short stories!

The stories are “Seaton’s Aunt” (Walter de la Mare) and “What Was It?” (Fitz-James O’Brien), and they’re from the HPL Historical Society’s upcoming The Literature of Lovecraft audiobook. Lemme put up the ad copy:

The Literature of Lovecraft is a collection of weird tales that Lovecraft himself enjoyed and endorsed in his Commonplace Book and in his essay Supernatural Horror in Literature. Volume 1 of this collection consists of 43 tales read by the HPLHS’ own Sean Branney and Andrew Leman, giving you nearly fifty hours of readings of some of the best tales of horror and the supernatural ever written. The readings feature original music by Troy Sterling Nies. The Literature of Lovecraft is not yet available for order but is coming soon from the HPLHS.”

Their audio-only stuff is always fun, so I downloaded it – despite not being an audiobook sort of person. Dunno why I’m not, honestly. Particularly since I like their DARTs. Guess I’m just contrary that way?

The ‘Miskatonic Missives: The Letters of H.P. Lovecraft’ Kickstarter.

The Miskatonic Missives: The Letters of H.P. Lovecraft Kickstarter is a HPL Historical Society project, so that’s promising. What they did in each Missive was take one of HPL’s letters and annotate the heck out of it, with explanations of the cultural references; they also added original artwork and fiction, plus the trademark props that makes HPLHS’s stuff so much fun. The Missives look gorgeous and I wish I could afford the full set of three. I may yet talk myself into getting it.


I don’t know whether THE HORROR IN THE MUSEUM is available for sale, yet: I pre-ordered the CD plus the props, and the HPL Historical Society just let me know that the download is ready. I have accordingly downloaded it. And soon, I shall listen to it.

In accordance with the prophecy.

Moe Lane

PS: God, I love these radio plays. And I could use a new one, right now. The diversion is welcome.

@HPLHS is doing a ‘documentary.’

Which is to say, they’re gonna take a stab at THE COLOUR OUT OF SPACE. That HPLHS newspaper is full of win, by the way. I dunno how much sense it makes for non-Mythos fans, but from my point of view it’s primo stuff.

Moe Lane

PS: Yeah, them putting together unofficial (?) props for the fortieth anniversary Chaosium Call of Cthulhu Kickstarter is also full of win. There’s a lot of win going on here.