In the (e-)Mail: THE IRON MAIDEN Dark Adventure Radio Theater production.

THE IRON MAIDEN is the HPL Historical Society’s latest Dark Adventure Radio Theater (DART). It’s not based on a Lovecraft story, because they’re out of those; but the good folks of the HPLHS have their little ways to bring something into the Mythos, yes, they do. I’m listening to it right now; the props will come in a few weeks. As always: check it out.

In the Mail: the Illustrated THE DUNWICH HORROR.

This is the English edition of the French book illustrated by Francois Baranger. It is beautiful, it is haunting, and it is rather large. The illustrated THE DUNWICH HORROR is a coffee table book, for an appropriately esoteric value of ‘coffee table,’ and the large size definitely lets you appreciate the detail and flow of the illustrations. 10/10, will be getting the other books Baranger has done.

No Amazon link: you should pick this one up at the HPLHS Store.