In the (e-)Mail: THE IRON MAIDEN Dark Adventure Radio Theater production.

THE IRON MAIDEN is the HPL Historical Society’s latest Dark Adventure Radio Theater (DART). It’s not based on a Lovecraft story, because they’re out of those; but the good folks of the HPLHS have their little ways to bring something into the Mythos, yes, they do. I’m listening to it right now; the props will come in a few weeks. As always: check it out.

The new DART from @HPLHS (THE IRON MAIDEN) is now on preorder!

THE IRON MAIDEN isn’t coming out until March 20th, but you can pre-order it now: “Dark Adventure Radio Theatre® presents an adaptation of Prosper Mérimée’s classic weird tale “The Venus of Ille” as a Nate Ward adventure! The story bounds to life with a cast of professional actors, thrilling sound effects and an original orchestral score by Reber Clark.” Looking forward to it!

Note: the cover found on the website is temporary concept art, not the final product.

New DART from @hplhs planned for 2024: “The Iron Maiden.”

The Iron Maiden” will be based off of “The Venus of Ille” by 19th Century French writer Prosper Merimée, and I believe that this is a translation of that story. It’s an interesting choice, more folkloric than horrific. Or, rather, it’s proto-horror; Lovecraft associates it with the Gothic tradition, approvingly. It’s a subtly gory story, and I look forward to hearing it translated into a radio drama.

The @HPLHS THE TEMPLE OF JUPITER AMMON DART is available for download.

The CD isn’t ready yet, but if you ordered THE TEMPLE OF JUPITER AMMON, you should be getting a download notification. Not everybody got notified at the same time this time, though. Check your emails, and check your spam folder.


The HPL Historical Society has announced its next Dark Adventure Radio Theater: THE TEMPLE OF JUPITER AMMON. “Celebrated treasure hunter Count Byron Khun de Prorok leads an expedition into the Libyan Desert in an attempt to find the lost tomb of Alexander the Great at the Temple of Jupiter Ammon. Can the Count succeed where countless others have failed, and recover one of history’s greatest archeological finds? Or are some secrets buried with good reason, and those who seek them doomed to be met with madness and disaster? For this episode, the Dark Adventure team has taken a real historical expedition from the 1920s and pumped it full of horror, action, and thrills worthy of a dark adventure.” They have, alas, more or less run out of HP Lovecraft stories to do at this point, but that’s all right. There’s plenty of weird tales out there.

The @HPLHS makes the DART for THE LURKING FEAR available for HPL’s birthday.

I already have this, but if you’re curious as to how the DARK ADVENTURE RADIO THEATER recordings go, this is a good time to try one out:

If you pre-ordered the @HPLHS’s THE SHUNNED HOUSE DART, it’s available for download.

The physical version is going to be sent out next week, but you can download THE SHUNNED HOUSE now if you preordered. I don’t think it’s available for actual purchase yet, but it’ll probably be ready soon. I’m listening to it right now; it’s up to the HPLHS’s usual high technical standards.

DART’s THE BLACK STONE had just dropped.

If you ordered the digital version of THE BLACK STONE Dark Adventure Radio Theater, the HPLHS has just emailed you a link. If you (like me) ordered the physical CD and props (oh, the props), they’ve just… emailed you a link, and you’ll get the rest hopefully before Christmas. If you haven’t bought either yet… here you go.

This one is Robert Howard’s work, not HP Lovecraft’s, but it doesn’t matter. THE BLACK STONE is quite good. Check it out.