Read this for the ‘blood simple’ concept alone.

The rest of it is worth reading, too – but this part is really important:

Furthermore, it seems that many Republicans have become blood simple. A phrase, I’m told, which refers to the stupid robotic state that people sometimes fall into when they’ve seen blood shed or have shed blood themselves.

Some Republicans are so shell-shocked the jump at any moderately-loud noise. They’re spooked. Their nerves are shot. They are no longer capable of distinguishing between outgoing fire and incoming fire. They hear fire of any kind, and they jump to the ground and extend their hands over their heads in prone surrender.

These people need to realize their nerves are shot and that they are no longer suitable for political combat and shut the hell up.

By the way, there is no shame in having had this happen to you. It is not a sign of personal weakness. Sometimes people just get overwhelmed, that’s all.

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