Today, of course, is D-Day.

It is the sixty-fifth anniversary of the Normandy landings – and it’s been obviously discussed in great detail around the ‘Net.  Anything that I could add has probably been said already, so I will merely note the date and my profound respect and admiration for those men who fought and died to liberate Western Europe.

[UPDATE] Actually, this bugs me a little about myself that I felt the need to publish the above self-indulgent blather.  It’s all true, of course – but it’s also pretentious of me to pretend that the universe was waiting for me to type that out.

Sorry to bother you with it.

One thought on “Today, of course, is D-Day.”

  1. Aww, that’s what the site’s for, Moe.

    If you can’t indulge yourself what’s the point of having a domain with your name on it? 🙂

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