Private space companies want less government regulation.

And I want a pony.

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Three guesses who gets their wish first?

The future of space could soon belong to private companies—the soon-to-be retired space shuttle is being replaced by private launchers, space tourists are snapping pictures from the International Space Station, global positioning systems are ubiquitous, and entrepreneurs are building suborbital craft destined for use by paying customers. But the mood at the Space Business Forum, an annual gathering of investors and space geeks held in New York City, was impatience to get the feds out of the way so the private sector can attract investments and grow quicker. “I’d say the role of government [in the space industry] is too high,” says Heidi Wood, the senior equity analyst for aerospace for Morgan Stanley. “There are far too many hands on it.”

(Via Instapundit) Not to be overly delicate about it, but people have noticed that the political party for whom ‘regulation’ isn’t a swear term is the political party currently running the US government, right?  So unless your killer space application also happens to have some way to directly profit a couple of Congressional committee chair’s cronies (or, for the most ethical ones, the chair’s Congressional District in general), I wouldn’t count on let-the-market-decide arguments getting any kind of traction any time soon.

Elections have consequences.

Moe Lane

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