Was Twilight really *that* bad? (with a Barbara Hambly reference!)

I mean… that bad?  The authors of that piece did everything except formally declare kanly on Stephenie Meyer.  Certainly this guy was likewise unimpressed:

Since I’m bringing up vampire books, people may want to try these two by Barbara Hambly instead: Those Who Hunt the Night and Traveling with the Dead. They’re horror/fantasy novels set in the Victorian time period, and are remarkably free of sentimentality about the implications of vampirism as it’s portrayed in historical myth.  Which is to say, it’s a condition whose sufferers are apex predators who have no option but to eat human beings on a regular basis to survive, and who possess a set of abilities that allow that to be done easily.  Or, more shortly: monsters.

Monsters who can think.

Moe Lane

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  • cminor says:

    Just passin’ through via The Anchoress. My answer is, yeah, it is that bad, though this and the other Cracked “Hate by Numbers” vid I’ve seen aren’t exactly very good. (OTOH, the Dracula scene with Carry On,Our Wayward Son in the background was rather clever)

    If you haven’t read the first book, think Harlequin Romance with vampires and no sex but a definite lascivious tone. Tolerable older teen reading, but they’d be better served by good classic lit. The first movie had some good points, but was basically the book in pictures. I wrote about it here if you’re interested.

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