Annnnnd throw out an entire generation’s worth of ecodisaster SF.

The Great Mutated Frog Pollution Scare seems poised to be replaced with The Great… Naturally-Occurring Situation Where One Species Preys On The Other In A Fashion That Only Seems Mean To Us Because We Have Achieved Full Sentience.

Not really as catchy, is it?

Legless frogs mystery solved
Scientists think they have resolved one of the most controversial environmental issues of the past decade: the curious case of the missing frogs’ legs.

Around the world, frogs are found with missing or misshaped limbs, a striking deformity that many researchers believe is caused by chemical pollution.

However, tests on frogs and toads have revealed a more natural, benign cause.

The deformed frogs are actually victims of the predatory habits of dragonfly nymphs, which eat the legs of tadpoles.

John Brunner is probably disappointed – mutated frogs completely fit in with his ecodisaster jones – not that I can be sure, given that he’s dead and everything.

Moe Lane

PS: Just to be snarky:

The Population Bomb I don’t know how you’re reading this; according to Paul Ehrlich you should been dead of starvation a decade and a half ago.

Make Room! Make Room! 1999. Ach, well, this is what happens when you take Paul Ehrlich seriously.

Soylent Green. 2022. Sort of based on Make Room! Make Room! Anyway – thirteen years to increase the global population by 400%!

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