Well, that’s one way to stay on a strict shooting schedule.

Via @jaketapper, the story that you always knew that you’d read some day.

SAO PAULO, Brazil – In one murder after another, the “Canal Livre” crime TV show had an uncanny knack for being first on the scene, gathering graphic footage of the victim.

Do I really need to keep going?

Too uncanny, say police, who are investigating the show’s host, state legislator Wallace Souza, on suspicion of commissioning at least five of the murders to boost his ratings and prove his claim that Brazil’s Amazon region is awash in violent crime. Police also have accused Souza of drug trafficking.

The ironic bit is, of course, that you could throw a script around this concept and sell it to any number of crime drama television shows in a heartbeat*.  Hell, take away the murders and the drugs and you’ve got a Scooby-Doo episode.

Well, maybe just take away the murders.

Moe Lane

*Except Law & Order: Infinite Regress. Too much work adding the three plot twists and twp places where they complain about New York judges.


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