Gmail vexes me.

It’s been wonky for the last two weeks or so now – to the point where I’m pretty much automatically loading up the basic HTML version so that I can read my mail – and now it’s utterly collapsed into a 502 server error mess. Is there a DDOS attack going in, or did the hamsters stop running the wheel, or what?

I shall now publish this, and thus have Gmail immediately load up, simply to spite me.

[UPDATE]  Dammit.

Well, I needed to add my comments policy to the About page anyway.  Short version: it’s whatever I feel like it being, in case that wasn’t obvious already.

7 thoughts on “Gmail vexes me.”

  1. I have noted that many of you (Brian, Caleb,etc) use Gmail.


    Doesn’t your web site hosting come with mail boxes on a mailserver?

    Mine did/does

  2. Mine does… and guess how I access that account? 🙂

    Seriously, it’s usually easier for me just to remember one or two email addresses, and when Gmail works it works fine. At least, it *used* to…

  3. I have to say that I constantly have GMail(tm) up during working hours and have very, very rarely had any problems. I think this is the first time in a long while that I noticed any problems with it. Of course, it happens just when I’m waiting for a verification email to be able to enter the chat for “The Activity Pit” to talk to other RedEye fanatics. Sux.

  4. Um, I’m not really that conceited….dyslexic, maybe. But I promise I don’t normally refer to myself as “Brain”. Unless I’m on my mission to take over the world….

  5. That’s ok, Brian, I refer to myself as “Brain” or “Great One” with regularity and directness of purpose. It’s infectious, and a real pick-me-up when others subconciously do it for me.

  6. I’ll suggest my solution: I have a rowdy collection of Gmail addresses… but I access and manage them through’s Thunderbird email client. It is much more user-friendly (I’m nearly a Luddite), and I have never had a moment’s trouble with it. I can access it from work, though I rarely do, and even their obsolete (we’re still working with NT-based programs and no one has XP much less Vista) system works with Thunderbird without a hitch or a glitch.

    Keep up the great work!

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