New strategy in getting my kid to sleep in his new big-boy bed.

(As opposed to his pack-and-play, which is a step up from his old crib):

  1. Watch The Color of Magic with him until he falls asleep.
  2. Transfer him to bed.
  3. Pray.

Hey, at least this way I can finally get around to watching the blessed thing.


  • Breeanne Howe says:

    Your blog titles always draw me in on Twitter & I thoroughly enjoy your work!

  • Dan B says:

    This, sir, is a Good Plan. Indoctrinating the children early into Pratchett (I seem to remember you mentioning “Where’s my cow?” in another post) could be considered vital to our national interests. Besides which, hey, it’s Pratchett, and…oh look, something shiny..

  • Loren Heal says:

    Very good plan, Moe.

    Two techniques you may have overlooked, or which may not fit your more … creative style:

    1. An hour or so before bed, get rid of excess blood sugar. Play a game of tag or something outside, to get the kid out of breath. This causes the body to burn sugar and releases happy chemicals. There may be some bonding crap take place, too, but that’s actually a feature, not a bug.

    2. If there is still a problem, it’s that you are trained to respond to the child’s demands. Wean yourself off of this response gradually by taking a little longer every night to respond to the kid’s pleas. Eventually they will tire of how long it will take, and you will realize that you can ignore just about anything they do.

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