Carl Sagan and apple pie.

Interesting video, via Innocent Bystanders. Carl Sagan sings! Sort of.

IIRC – and bear in mind, I was less than ten at the time – space advocacy was pretty much the only place in American society in the Seventies where everybody wasn’t morbidly depressed all of the time.  The essentially benign nature of its quasi-religious status probably didn’t hurt there, either.

Moe Lane

3 thoughts on “Carl Sagan and apple pie.”

  1. Sagan was a committed atheist. If he was right, he is decomposing worm food. If he was wrong, he is in a bad way right now. Either way, it did not end well for him. I feel bad because he seemed like such a nice guy.

    I know my evangelism is showing. I’m not trying to be funny, it truly does bother me. I wish I had a better answer.

  2. Old Guy, Carl Sagan was right and you are wrong. Yes, Carl is dead, but it doesn’t matter to him since he can’t feel or think anything any longer. It will exactly be the same for you and me when we die. The discoveries that Carl and other astronomers have made are vastly more fantastic and spiritually fulfilling than anything written in a little book by power-hungry men. I ask you to open your mind and let go of your inbred dogmas so that you can feel free. Yes, Sagan’s corpse is decomposing in the ground, but he will forever be star stuff, just like everything else.

    1. The amusing part? Clint thought that he was addressing religious fanaticism there, instead of just expressing it. Personally, I’ve got nothing against atheism: it’s its fan club that grates.

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