Sen. Foghorn Leghorn (D): ‘Working for TX-45. Working for YOU.’

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This has been circulating around the Hill today; some kind, cruel soul from there took the trouble to forward it to me.  Twenty-four hours and they still haven’t fixed remember how we got told that the new administration was going to bring us into this new, wonderful Web 2.0 reality? These guys can’t even get a database up and running properly. Heck, they can’t even be bothered to check typical search results for garbage before they take said database live.

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PS: At them. We are all laughing at them. Not with.




WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Foghorn J. Leghorn, D-State, announced Tuesday that he had won an extra $14.7 million in stimulating funds from the solicitous Obama Administration for the people of seven congressional districts in Texas.

“This funding will go for good,” the Senator said.  “Why, son, 98 hardworking, taxpaying, aging, poor, honest, hungry, working-class, middle-class, undereducated, disadvantaged, undercounted, overlooked, underprivileged, overtaxed and uninsured constituents of my good friends and esteemed colleagues in the 52nd, 58th, 86th, 00th, 68th, 91st, and 85th Congressional Districts of Texas deserve every penny,” he added.  “Yep, they can shore count on me.  Vote Leghorn!  Yee, haw!”

Following is an official, premeditated account* of the stimulating funds provided by the Obama Administration through Sen. Leghorn’s good offices:

Texas Congressional District    Jobs      Amount

52nd congressional district     0       $8,937,289
58th congressional district     45      $3,659,694
86th congressional district     6       $943,326
00 congressional district       11      $752,292
68th congressional district     1       $310,963
91st congressional district     30      $57,367
85th congressional district     5       $56,661

Stimulus Total: $14,717,592

Jobs Total: 98

*Please don’t call Sen. Leghorn’s office about this.  He’s busy working on health care today.  For further information on this gracious investment of job-creating government money, please “track the money” through the President’s Recovery website,

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15 thoughts on “Sen. Foghorn Leghorn (D): ‘Working for TX-45. Working for YOU.’”

  1. For further information on this gracious investment of job-creating government money…

    For further information on this gracious investment of job-creating taxpayers/suckers’ money …

  2. This is way more impressive: $585M for 107 jobs.
    24th congressional district 107.1 $585,698,391

    $5,473,816 per job, saved or whatever…

  3. However, the 69th Congressional District was blown off by Senator Leghorn, as they got $0 to save 0 jobs.

    No doubt it sucks to be a resident of that district!

  4. The numbers are still up. And I tried as many other states as I could and they’re ALL screwed up.

    For fun, I tried Rhode Island, which has two congressional districts. I was surprised to learn via that 57.9 jobs were savated or creatified in the 86th congressional district with a mere $10,217,806 of our money.

    Dang! Those are some nice jobs at $176K a pop. That’s more than Valerie Jarrett gets.

    Don’t believe me, check it here:

    I’m sure the gerbils won’t get around to fixing this stuff for a while.

    Texas is Galt’s Gulch.

  5. This is not funny. Everyday people are losing their jobs and others were out of jobs for almost a year now. And all the politicians can do and give away money to a phantom district? Are the democrats are just looting this country?

  6. Oh, I get it now. Ten million bucks went to the 86th congressional district. Ten million dollars of our money was literally 86-ed by this disaster of a government. Somebody, make it stop.

  7. Hey everybody back off….this is simply a translation error among data bases…all these new congressional districts are in the other seven states that President Bow WOW cited he had visited or was going to visit during his campaign.

  8. Hahah! That’s Nothing! Here in Illinois the 00 congressional district created 1 job at a cost of $3,203,404!

    It’s probably being paid to a dead guy….

  9. Wow–Sen. Leghorn is doing even better a job at bringing home the pork than our Sen. Byrd. What’s missing is a move to name every building, road, and bridge after Leghorn. Byrd still has the advantage on that count.

  10. Based on the explanation it appears that the money really was spent in real districts and may have created some real jobs …
    The real story is just how incompetent the Obama admin was in setting up their reporting tools. Obviously they did not setup a defined list of districts by state for reporting staff to choose from. Once they do straighten this out I’m sure well see alot more “over reporting”, i.e. saved more jobs that exist or created dozens of jobs for thousands of dollars type of things …
    apparently the jobs created to setup this database were filled by some sort of “community organizers” with little or no real world experience … I see a trend …

  11. “No siree, nobody has to tell me twice, ah say, twice to shut up – when I’se told to shut up, ah shuts up – pay attention while I’m talkin’ to ya son – some folks goes on flappin’ their yap, but not me, ah say, not me – son, you ain’t listenin’ to a word ah say – ah shuts up when I’se told to shut up, and if ya’d just shut up I’d tell ya – humbada blabbada yackety shmak….”

    Ever notice that Foghorn Leghorn sounds like Robert Byrd on speed?

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