‘Mr. Roboto.’

Mr. Roboto, Styx

Like you know anything but the chorus, either.

Moe Lane

PS: ‘IBM’ used to be a synonym for ‘computer,’ kids.


  • Brian Epps says:

    Scary fact: I not only know the lyrics, I had the performance from “Caught in the Act” going through the back of my head throughout the whole song.

  • Cameron says:

    Actually, I was geeky enough to check that album out from the library, so I knew the lyrics and the story behind the album.

  • Just Dave says:

    Ugh. This is the quality of product you get when pop stars imagine themselves to be deep thinkers.

    Still, it’s kept them off the dole, so I suppose it isn’t all bad.

  • mojo says:

    Itty Bitty Machines

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