NY GOP blamed for SSM loss in NY Senate.

Wait, what?

The New York Times is as predictable as the sunrise, frankly:

ALBANY — The State Senate defeated a bill on Wednesday that would legalize same-sex marriage, after an emotional debate that touched on civil rights, family and history. The vote means that the bill, pushed by Gov. David A. Paterson, is effectively dead for the year and destroys the optimism of gay advocates.

The bill was defeated by a decisive margin of 38 to 24. The Democrats, who have a bare, one-seat majority, did not have enough votes to pass the bill without some Republican support, but not a single Republican senator voted for the measure.

Actually, by definition the Democrats had enough votes to pass the bill in the state Senate: they just lost roughly 25% of their caucus to the opposition. Which is about the proportion that it looks like Democrats lost in the Assembly vote – but NY’s Assembly is more lopsidedly Democratic than the Senate, so it didn’t matter there.

Personally, I wish that they had passed the damned thing – but I’ll likewise be damned if I let the NYT blame the GOP for something that they ought to be blaming the Democrats for.  The GOP does not control the NY state Senate.  The Old Grey Lady can stop pretending that it does, thanks.   Even if it means admitting that the Democrats are rampaging hypocrites on gay right issues.

Moe Lane

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