My immediate reaction to this paragraph…

…off of The Other McCain:

Jumping in Pools says “The battering and blaming of the Republicans has to stop.” Mr. Kat, when those GOP windbags threaten the invariant principles in, for example, the Constitution, then they are a tumor, albeit a benign one. The most you’re buying from a RINO is time. The RINO’s non-command of principles will feed the Progressive decline, albeit more slowly than a Democrat’s. In a way, the Democrat is more admirable, because he’s not blowing any sunshine up the public bottom about his task.

“Dammit, Smitty, time is what we need right now.  And if folks are worried about the direction of the GOP, they can always join up.”

I don’t really disagree with his main argument, mind.  But this situation isn’t Bad Versus Worse.  That was 2008, and Worse won.  Now the situation is Worse Versus Stop Hitting Ourselves With The Hammer.

Moe Lane

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2 thoughts on “My immediate reaction to this paragraph…”

  1. Moe, the “battering and blaming of the Republicans” happens because it is COOL and POPULAR to batter and blame Republicans. And has been for, oh, the past 75 years, ever since a guy by the name of FDR was able to direct usage of the up-and-coming film and radio industries to such a degree that he was able to define his opposition nearly out of existence.

    I agree with the need for time. At the same time, we must all recognize that the only true way to stop the “battering and blaming” is to make it COOL and POPULAR to BE a Republican. I don’t know about you, but I can think of a certain THAT WOMAN who can help change that dynamic.

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