Durbin to Obama: ‘YOU LIE!’ #rsrh

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…well, as much as a Democratic party career politician can manage it, at least:

Which is to say, it’s even money that Dick Durbin (D, IL) isn’t sufficiently aware of the political battlespace to know that he had called the head of his political party a liar.

Moe Lane

[UPDATE]: Ed Morrissey is collecting reactions. And The New Ledger beat me out on using my own video…

7 thoughts on “Durbin to Obama: ‘YOU LIE!’ #rsrh”

  1. President Obama lies so much and so often people just assume that he’s telling another one when he opens his mouth. Can someone just get up and start saying “liar, liar pants on fire” when this once thought paragon of truth opens his mouth. The day’s are long gone when the Lenin’s useful idiots thought they had someone different. He’s just an old Socialist spouting the same old same old that has never worked, won’t work and everyone with the brains of a flea know it.

  2. Has anyone else noticed that Dick Durbin seems to always talk to the C-SPAN camera during his floor speeches instead of to his fellow Senators?

  3. To expound on what ronnor said earlier, you know when obama is lyeing – his mouth is open (and that is far too often). Thanks for this post.

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