Nazis + Shroud of Turin + [Commando Team] = Box Office GOLD.

(Via POWIP) Gold, I tell you:

According to an Italian monk, the real reason the Holy Shroud was hidden in a remote monastery in southern Italy during World War II was to protect it from the thieving hands of the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

We make the commando team Allied, not American: that way you can also have the Unflappable Brit What Expects Things To Be Done By The Plan, the French Resistance Femme Fatale With A Past, the Polish Priest (And In-Joke) Who Can Get Us Into The Monastery, and the African-American Pilot Who For Once We Don’t Have To Shoehorn Into The Plot Like They Had To Do In U-571.  Back-drop it against the bombing of the Montecassino monastery in 1944 (hush); add one standard SS Ahnernerbe occult acquisition squad (double hush); and, of course, a CGI budget that blots out the sun.

Plot?  Plot?  The plot is Blow Stuff Up Real Good.  In Italy.  With occasional flashes of Wrath of God.

Yeah.  Tell me you wouldn’t watch that.


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