#rsrh I’m too sexy for my Census form.

The government probably had similar problems with the last one, too, but this is still funny: the hipsters aren’t bothering with filling theirs out, the dolts. Listen to the NPR report on this (with a slightly glassy smile) (transcript here):

…and let me just highlight this marvel of our public school system:

Just outside the record store, I meet Jamie Lilly. She knows the ads. She got the form but she thinks that returning it is just supporting a government that she doesnt believe in.

Ms. JAMIE LILLY: You know, on a personal note, maybe some people, they figure what’s the point to be counted if you dont count for much anyway? If we dont count, why be counted?

Words cannot express my relief that it is highly unlikely that Ms. Lilly will ever have a say in formulating Republican party policy.