#rsrh GEICO voiceover guy canned for slurring, well, me.

No, not the gecko.  The gecko’s not involved in any of this.  It’s cool.

[UPDATE]: Welcome, Instapundit readers.  And Reason makes a vital correction to its story.

Not just me, or specifically me, of course.  But, given that I’m both a supporter of the Tea Party movement and a GEICO customer, when I heard that this Lance Baxter fellow had called up FreedomWorks to be a rude, profane, and rather confused individual I made it a point to call up my insurance provider and tell them – nicely – that I didn’t really approve of such behavior, I was curious whether this represented GEICO’s official stance on the matter, and that his continued employment by GEICO would be a factor when it came time to decide whether to renew my insurance policy with them.

Annnnnd now he’s gone (via here and here).  I must not have been the only person to call.

Moe Lane

PS: Actions have consequences.  And it is not acceptable for conservatives to be the subject of abuse by liberals, just because they are having a bad day.

9 thoughts on “#rsrh GEICO voiceover guy canned for slurring, well, me.”

  1. Now, if only GEICO would fire the “Caveman”, and its instigator!
    No, I’d not buy their insurance, CSAA works fine for me.
    BTW, as Americans, in general, have a, correctly, higher opinion of Australia than Great Britain, & there are no geckos in GB, but lots in Australia I believe the accent needs to be updated.

  2. So, FreedomWorks does pretty much what any Lefty group does any time they’re aggrieved and now that’s a problem? Perhaps if more of these bozos find out they’re not invulnerable to public opinion they’ll reconsider their actions.

    What a bunch of wussies. They can dish it out, but they sure can’t take it. [And I’m looking straight at *YOU* Olberdouche.]

    1. JXMK: The whining over this has been something to behold, yes. If this election cycle has taught us anything, it’s that these people have no referents for situations where the folks that they’re trying to push around push back.

  3. Something like fifteen years ago, I read that Geico was buying radar and lidar guns and donating them to police departments. More speed guns -> more speed traps -> more speeding tickets -> more money for Geico when it boosts your premiums because you have a speeding ticket on your record.

    From that day to this, I’ve never even considered Geico for insurance. Scumbags.

  4. Well, good for them. You know, for a company formerly named “Government Employees Insurance Company” they sure have learned to be responsive to their constituency.

  5. It’s like the guy handed them a pie and dared them to shove it in his face…then went crying to his mommy when they actually did it.

    I’m reminded of the ad campaign run on MTV years ago that had the tag line, “Look like a model. Don’t think like one.” Apparently that admonition extends to voice talent as well.

    I wonder if this guy has Prince Albert in a can…
    I wonder if he’d sue me if I asked him if his refrigerator was running…
    I wonder if 15 minutes of lucidity could have saved ‘30% or more’ of his job…
    I wonder if the next time I hear from this guy, he’ll be asking if I want fries with ‘that’…

  6. It’s astounding these people are crying about GEICO doing the will of the fascist right, when leftist pressure groups managed to get GEICO to pull its sponsorship of Glenn Beck, oh, about a month or two back.

    Their memory is a heck of a lot shorter than a whole election cycle.

    1. Sage: you should see some of the comments that they’re trying to get past the spam filer. Who knew that objecting to people using mental retardation as a slur would be so offensive to the Left?

      Alternatively, they’re just alarmed that we’ve realized that pushing back is fun.

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