‘Scotland the Brave.’

Nah, no reason. Except that there are two types of people: people who like the pipes, and people who you should be kind to and gentle with, because it’s cruel to be otherwise. Why, I’m told that a great many people go on to lead long and quite fulfilling lives despite their lack…

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4 thoughts on “‘Scotland the Brave.’”

  1. Being of Scottish extraction, the pipes are in my soul. There is nothing … NOTHING … like the sound of pipes coming at you from a distance, gradually gaining volume, and finally seeing the DM – mace aloft – leading his pipers. Gives me chills and frequently, depending on the music – to tears. Our local Scottish Festival does it this way for the finale. The massed pipes gather under the trees a few hundred yards from the parade ground and begin the march. First you hear them faintly, then growing in intensity. Then all you see are hundreds of pipers as they march past.

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