My crazy-insane Alvin Greene (D CAND, SC-SEN) conspiracy theory.

I think that he is… this guy who decided one day to run for Senator of South Carolina, put up a large sum of money that you or I wouldn’t put up just to be the sacrificial lamb that is the Democratic nomination for Senator of South Carolina, and then managed to win the nomination because, freakishly, he was the first name on the ballot. And now the Democrats are freaking because, well, this is kind of embarrassing.

Honestly, if it weren’t for the felony charge this would almost be a great story about the charming quirks of the American political system.

Moe Lane

PS: I was considering being amenable to the suggestion that a mulligan might be in order… until I remembered: “Hey!  Didn’t we have to keep Mark Foley on the ballot and keep Shelley Sekula-Gibbs off of it because of primary results? Ain’t karma something, particularly when it has a chance to build up a charge?”


  • Bob Hawkins says:

    If the parties were reversed, this would be evidence that the GOP is becoming a regional fringe party.

  • Lake says:

    SC Rep Todd Rutherford said several of his relatives voted for Greene because his name sounded Black. There is video of a white woman who said she voted for Greene because she didn’t know anything about either and she liked Al Greens music… I think the real reason is its both and the alphabet excuse but more importantly because these are OBAMA voters: Green initiative, dumb, racist, dumb, and did I say dumb.

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