#rsrh Good news: Pelosi commits to Democratic cliff-diving.

(via @davidhauptmann) Contrary to first impressions, this is not an example of the popular definition of insanity*:

Democrats will keep blaming George W. Bush until the problems from his administration end, according to Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

In an interview with MSNBC, Pelosi said congressional Democrats feel justified in blaming the Bush administration because of the problems it left behind for President Barack Obama.

…after all, it worked in 2006 and 2008, right?  Push the button marked ‘Blame Bush,’ get the food pellet named ‘win elections.’  Classic Skinnerite operant conditioning… and if Pelosi and her Democrats needed less time to be conditioned than Skinner needed to train rats and pigeons, well, I will not be unkind and voice my opinion about what that says about the mother-wit of the Speaker of the House.

The only question is, what are the Democrats going to do when they notice that the button is no longer wired up to the food pellet dispenser?  Do they even realize that this could be a possibility?

Moe Lane

*”Doing the same wrong thing over and over again, in the hopes of getting a better result this time.”


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