#RSRH Cui bono, Rep Clyburn? No, really: cui bono?

Seriously, what is Rep. Clyburn’s problem?

House Majority Whip James Clyburn (S.C.) theorized that an operative ran unemployed Army veteran Alvin Greene’s (D) South Carolina Senate campaign to create a “mess.”

The Hill touches on the major objections to this… well, ‘theory’ and ‘hypothesis’ both seem to give this more credit than it deserves: perhaps ‘allegation?’  Whatever one wishes to call it, it seems to assume that there would be some point for putting Candidate A in the designated ‘crushed by DeMint in November’ slot, rather than Candidate B.  At this point in South Carolina politics, the various Federal and state executive seats are all pretty much foregone conclusions: John Spratt (D) is the most at-risk incumbent, while the Democrats are not expected to flip any seats in this hostile election atmosphere.  So it’s a good question to ask why anybody would bother risking a scandal just to make sure that the rubble bounced farther.

Or am I over-analyzing this?  Is it just that, after 70 years of being carefully taught to do so, Rep. Clyburn’s simply comfortable with the idea that all Bad Things that happen are the result of sinister, hidden forces?

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