Good eating on a Canada goose. Or so I’m told.

So, they’re gassing geese in NYC, and both Ann Althouse and Glenn Reynolds wonder why people don’t just eat the geese.

Probably because most people don’t own a truck with a camper shell and a tailgate, a couple loaves of bread, and an air gun. Supposedly – I HAVE NEVER DONE THIS* – someone could theoretically take all of these items to an area infested frequented by Canada geese, park the truck, lower the tailgate, scatter the bread in the back, wait a half an hour or so, rush around back, raise the tailgate, and then drive off to a somewhat less public place for air gun usage.

Or so I may or may not have been told, which may or may not have during the consumption over large amounts of alcohol, which may or may not have been told to me by people whose names elude me, and during a time period that is well out of the statute of limitations regarding hypothetical violations of the Endangered Species Act and other, related federal legislation.

Moe Lane

*Seriously, I don’t own a truck.  Or an air gun.  I think that we may be out of bread, too.


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