Jim Webb’s spectacular flame-out.

[UPDATE] Welcome, Instapundit readers.  I may not be entirely objective regarding this Webb fellow, and I’m not entirely certain why.

Oh, Jimmy.

Forty years ago, as the United States experienced the civil rights movement, the supposed monolith of White Anglo-Saxon Protestant dominance served as the whipping post for almost every debate about power and status in America. After a full generation of such debate, WASP elites have fallen by the wayside and a plethora of government-enforced diversity policies have marginalized many white workers. The time has come to cease the false arguments and allow every American the benefit of a fair chance at the future.

I have dedicated my political career to bringing fairness to America’s economic system and to our work force, regardless of what people look like or where they may worship. Unfortunately, present-day diversity programs work against that notion, having expanded so far beyond their original purpose that they now favor anyone who does not happen to be white.

I wonder if the above was the Senatorial equivalent of a mid-life crisis? – Although that’s not nearly self-destructive enough to be a true analogy.  Senator Webb seems to have forgotten that he has a ‘D’ after his name these days, which effectively means that this entire article is thoughtcrime that will pretty much guarantee him a messy primary in 2012.  Progressives do not appreciate thoughtcrime, particularly in their converts: they bought Jimmy Webb in 2006, and they expect their purchases to perform as expected.

Do I sound entertained?  It’s because I am: and I will enjoy every second that Jimmy Webb is broken on the wheel for relapsing into error like this.  And do you know why I will enjoy every second?  Because of ‘macaca,’ that’s why.  Jimmy Webb stood by and calmly, disinterestedly watched as his new owners flash-mobbed his opponent for supposed racism in the 2006 Senatorial election. He did that because Jimmy Webb wanted to be Senator so badly that he was willing to overlook precisely the hyper-emphasis of race that he complains about now; after all, it put him in office, and that was the important thing, right?

So: Jimmy Webb is right in that we need to stop using race as a criterion for public assistance, and that government-operated diversity programs are doing the country no favors.  And I hope to God that the progressive movement uses my agreement – and the rest of the VRWC’s – to utterly destroy Jimmy Webb’s career.

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12 thoughts on “Jim Webb’s spectacular flame-out.”

  1. I, as a voter in the Old Dominion, will never forget Webb’s disgustingly ungentlemanly behavior in gaveling the Senate into session for 15 seconds in order to prevent President Bush from making recess appointments.
    Vile, petty man. George Allen is a gentleman and should be representing Virginia in the Senate still.

  2. Are you suggesting Webb might have stepped in a steaming pile of macaca?

    (Yes, I know that macaca has a different meaning other than what I suggested. Or maybe it doesn’t: no one had ever heard of that word before November 2006, and one of the strangest incidents of American politics is just how fast the word macaca disappeared after November 2006.)

  3. Given how explosive the race issue is, this is a stunning article for any elected official at the federal level to write, let alone a Democrat.

  4. I have dedicated my political career to bringing fairness to America’s economic system

    FAIL. You can try and distract from your dirty socialist votings by taking a hardline stance on the black people and such but you know what? Somehow that just makes you creepier.

  5. Webb is a bit of a loose cannon. Maybe he is crazy enough to be testing the waters as the Anti-Obama alternative in 2012?

    Nobody really knows who Webb is outside of Virginia and if he loses reelection as Senator he will be quickly
    I’m not saying it is a *good* plan but rather than simply lose reelection as senator he could lose as a national primary as the leader of the maybe 20% of the Democrats saying WTF is the president doing”?

  6. Crappyfeet? You got banned from HA and now you’re here? What a loser you are.

  7. I wouldn’t attack Webb too much, Franken needs someone to make him look smart.

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