#rsrh “‘Me first’ rallies.”

Via Fausta’s Blog, today’s moment of Chris Christie awesomeness.

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…the best quote from that?

…they had a rally in Trenton against me. 35,000 people came from the teachers. You know what that rally was? The “me first” rally. “Pay me my raise first. Pay me my free health benefits first. Pay me my pension first. And everybody else in New Jersey, get to the back of the line.” Well, you know what? I’m not going to sit by and allow that to go unnoticed, so we’ll shine a bright light on it, and we’ll see how the people react.

The problem with entitlement spending is that it encourages entitlement thinking, too. People start spending money on ‘worthy’ programs to kind of make up for all the useless junk they’re also spending money on, instead of taking the trouble of getting rid of the useless junk. And the recipients of the worthy program-largess are naturally not inclined to have that money go away, either; because nobody’s getting rid of the useless junk, right? Repeat until insolvency.

Or, repeat until somebody sick and tired of the whole dreary cycle gets elected.

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