#rsrh Cop-killing trend in Chicago?

(Via Instapundit) The pseudonymous “Jack Dunphy” has just wrote a fairly alarming article on the breakdown of law enforcement in Chicago. When he wrote this:

Three Chicago police officers have been murdered in the last two months, the most recent of whom was Michael Bailey, who at age 62 was only weeks away from retirement. On the morning of July 18, Bailey had finished an overnight shift guarding the home of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and was in front of his own home cleaning his new car, which he had bought as an early retirement gift to himself. He was still dressed in his police uniform when someone tried to rob him. Police officers everywhere accept the risks to life and limb attendant to the job, but it’s generally taken for granted among cops that the uniform will serve as a deterrent against being robbed on the street. What level of depravity has a city reached when a uniformed police officer is no safer from a street robbery than anyone else? More important, what is to be done about it?

…I suspect that he would agree with me about what something will be done about it, whether officially or unofficially.  The police’s ability to function on the street is predicated on criminals fearing them – at the very least, fearing the consequences of killing them – and the police know it.

This is a depressing topic: I will now address something else.


  • Carolyn Wolthusen says:

    The danger to cops is due to Daley cutting police hiring over time. The hiring deficit is in the thousands-range. Daley, after this particular police murder decided to throw 800 hires at it to paper over his negligence and foolish disregard for citizen and police safety.

    The city is in fiscal abyss territory. Where is Chicago’s Giuliani.

  • Carolyn Wolthusen says:

    I misremembered the radio report. Daley is only planning to hire 100 additional police as against a 2,000 police deficit, per this report

  • wombat-socho says:

    Chicago isn’t going to have a Giuliani until every man jack in the Cook County Democratic Party machine is either dead or in prison, because it’s even more tightly gripped in the Daley family’s fist than New York ever was by the Dems.

  • dunce says:

    the story has no mention of race because we are cowards as our atty general says,but does anyone have a doubt about the perps in chicago.mayor daley was an accomplice before and after the facts in these and all the other murders in chicago but he blames lack of gun control.he will claim that his murder proves that having a gun can not save your life,using a tradgedy to further his political agenda.

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