#rsrh NC-11: Heath Shuler in deep [redacted].

Crude of me, but when SuSA informs an incumbent Democrat that his R+6 district is only giving him a 45/44 advantage over opponent Jeff Miller* among registered voters, crude is pretty much the proper response.  The poll isn’t up yet, but Jim Geraghty** has the details. Shuler’s underwater both generally and with independents; Miller’s not as well known, but apparently a lot of voters are fine with him not being Heath Shuler.

Which makes sense, really.  Still proud of that job-killing cap and trade bill you voted for, Heath?

Moe Lane

*And, if you check out the NRCC’s Big Board, you can get to Jeff’s website within seconds! Thanks, Big Board! [Or… not: link fixed. Well, how many Jeff Millers are going to run for Congress, anyway?]

**Jim was kind enough to say nice things about  me in his Morning Jolt; which makes my suggestion that you subscribe to it perhaps a bit self-serving.  Still a smart thing for you to do, but self-serving on my part.


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