#rsrh QotD, Ace of AoSHQ edition.

Heh: I said pretty much the same thing as the below, during Fausta’s BlogTalkRadio program this morning.

Know this: When a Republican takes office in 2013, he will be compared unfavorably to Bush, who will be held out as a “conservative who at least had some heart and some sense of compassion” and the current Republican President will be, as each Republican President is called in turn, the worst President in all of history.

No, Ace didn’t rip me off.  He’s simply just as aware as I am that the activist Left has the collective imagination and creativity of a three-toed sloth in the middle of a five-day heroin jag*.

Moe Lane

*Note that I make no comments about their hygiene.

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  • mriggio says:

    You forgot to mention that the new Republican President will also be stoopid, not intellecktually kurious, and have a degree from some gawd awful fourth-tier college in flyover country.

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