All I did was make dinner reservations…

…at an Italian chophouse and put on a suit.  Although, to be fair, it was a really good Italian chophouse.  For some reason, I had never associated Italy with steaks, despite the entire ‘Tuscan rib-eye’ thing…

Anyway, this is oldish, but kind of impressive:

Yes, that’s a real card.  You get that kind of perk when you’re Richard Garfield (the guy who created Magic: The Gathering).  Although I never would have let that card stay in my Patriot Deck*…

Moe Lane

*Red (ROATS)/White (Creatures)/Blue (Denial): I later dumped out all the blue cards for white lands, low-casting cost critters, and a couple Sunglasses of Urza.  Then I grabbed White/whatever multi-lands until I had enough to justify inserting you-never-know cards.  Then I realized that this was crack in cardboard form, and stopped playing.


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