re: Your Unemployment Rate.

[UPDATE]: Welcome, Instapundit readers.

Instapundit put up a 38 second video that shows the growth of unemployment by county since January of 2007 (short version: it’s doubled). As one of his readers later noted, the video looks like nothing so much as a video of a standard zombie infestation.

I can work with that.

“re: Your Brains” is copyrighted by Jonathan Coulton, and is available for non-commercial use via a Creative Commons license. The audio is available at Jonathon’s website. Buy his stuff; he’s quite good.


  • Don51 says:

    …which of course leads one to this –

  • Bryan says:

    Nebraska and the Dakotas seem especially zombie-resistant. Montana is just ok.

  • John Blake says:

    Steam-punk Zombie Blasters averted an apocalypse in AD 1900 – 1910. A century later, hordes of the Undead have risen once again, this time led by your late mother-in-law. We suggest monitoring incumbent politicians, especially those who shamble forward mumbling, “taxes, taxes– we need more taxes now.” A dead giveaway, so to speak: Be warned.

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  • Jane says:

    I swear that around September / October 2009 the part the is remains yellow kind of looks like Che Guevera’s head. I think we could make that into T-shirts and sell them. All you need is a good caption for underneath.

  • Andrew says:


    Dead or not, you freeze stiff in seconds in SD, ND and NE.

    And you die of boredom in the 3 month long other period.

    Dislocated SoDak

  • malevolentgranny says:

    Looks like the lights are slowly going out, all across America. Time to get the zombies out of DC, if it’s not already too late.

  • David says:

    Thanks for introducing me to Jonathan Coulton’s music! That song is great!

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