re: Your Unemployment Rate.

[UPDATE]: Welcome, Instapundit readers.

Instapundit put up a 38 second video that shows the growth of unemployment by county since January of 2007 (short version: it’s doubled). As one of his readers later noted, the video looks like nothing so much as a video of a standard zombie infestation.

I can work with that.

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8 thoughts on “re: Your Unemployment Rate.”

  1. Steam-punk Zombie Blasters averted an apocalypse in AD 1900 – 1910. A century later, hordes of the Undead have risen once again, this time led by your late mother-in-law. We suggest monitoring incumbent politicians, especially those who shamble forward mumbling, “taxes, taxes– we need more taxes now.” A dead giveaway, so to speak: Be warned.

  2. I swear that around September / October 2009 the part the is remains yellow kind of looks like Che Guevera’s head. I think we could make that into T-shirts and sell them. All you need is a good caption for underneath.

  3. Bryan

    Dead or not, you freeze stiff in seconds in SD, ND and NE.

    And you die of boredom in the 3 month long other period.

    Dislocated SoDak

  4. Looks like the lights are slowly going out, all across America. Time to get the zombies out of DC, if it’s not already too late.

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