Cat Lady Caught! Claws of Crime Collared!

I always feel slightly thankful that there are people out there who do their best to try to drag the rest of us into a comic book universe. Yes, yes, yes: I know. Somebody could have gotten hurt, and armed robbery ain’t cool.

Sources said last night that cops had caged the “Cat Lady,” the serial stick-up artist who dons clever disguises — including a cat mask — to rob high-end boutiques around the city.

The suspect was identified as Shanna Spalding, 28, of Queens, who sings with a death-metal band called Divine Infamy under her stage name, Purgatory.

The burqa-clad suspect was picked up in SoHo after bursting into a Greene Street boutique with a gun and demanding cash, sources said.

Unfortunately, the idea of a pretty girl who sings for a death metal band when she’s not out robbing high-end boutiques while wearing a cat mask is, in point of fact, cool by virtually every standard of popular culture that our culture has generated.  You may not like it – I’m not sure that I do, actually; I must be getting old – but there it is.


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